Markus Zimmermann "Superfiliale"

Markus Zimmermann “Superfiliale”

Markus Zimmermann as operator of the exhibition format "Superfiliale" presents a multifunctional wall in the homonymous exhibition. The installation changes appearance, function and character just like a chameleon changes its colour: from the cool display of a trade fair to the pragmatic classification system and back. The observers are invited to make use of the installation and respective objects in order to create the artwork collective.

! Declaration !:
You own things that trouble you big time or just a little?
Bills, written letters that were discontinued, objects that, even tho charged with the memories of something horrible, you still can't throw away.
Things symbolizing conflicts, thoughts that suck?

Just in time for Easter and obliged to an eastern spirit Markus Zimmermann will free these objects and their symbolic content from any negative energy.

Please feel free to hand in the objects from 2 to 8:30 pm at the reception of Superfiliale.
Thoughts may be written on slips of paper.

The ritual starts at 9 pm prompt and will take 30 minutes.
You may take the objects away immediately afterwards or the next day.

Ivan Boskovic “CASINO EUROPA”

Join us! Our experienced team will lead you on your way to success. Dive into the colorful world of challenges and arise as a pillar of society.

Every good gambler can become an outstanding investor! Don't let the rules spoil your talent. The future is yours to take.

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Frontviews is very excited about the One-Day Easter-Special »Eastern«. In our actual temporary space at Leipziger Straße 63 we will present two installations by solo artists, who define art and social interaction each in their specific way.
Inspired by overflowing supermarkets and eastern bazars Markus Zimmermann develops an environment of multifunctional shelves systems, that allow the visitors to start changing and trading objects within the setting.
Ivan Boskovic opens his infamous “CASINO EUROPA”, a new chance to gamble about fate, fortune and nevertheless the right to stay. Extraordinary new games like "CE Win Win“ or the "Balkan Roulette" are challenging the skills and the fortune of the precious guests.

Knowning all that, the becomes obvious why our special is not just called "Easter".

Opening Sat 4 Apr 2 – 11.59 pm
frontviews temporary at
Leipziger Straße 63
10117 Berlin