Mario Asef & Kirstin Burckhardt
Guest Artists Dania Burger & Peder K. Bugge

curated by Asef-Burckhardt

Fri 24 May 6 – 9 pm

opening hours
24 May – 22 Jun 2024
Wed – Sat 2 – 6 pm
and by personal appointment

frontviews at HAUNT
Kluckstraße 23 A Yard
D – 10785 Berlin

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This project is profoundly supported by Senate Departement for Culture and Social Cohesion. It´s also made possible with the initiative of the whole collective.

Asef – Burckhardt "In Between Before and After", 2024 sound installation


Fri 24 May 6 – 9 pm
with a performance by Kirstin Burckhardt & Mathilde Mensink at 7:30 pm

Durational Performance
24 May – 1 Jun
by Dania Burger & Peder K. Bugge

Artist Talk
Sat 15 Jun 4 pm
moderated by Gabriele Brandstetter

Sat 22 Jun 4 – 8 pm
with a guided tour by Kirstin Burckhardt & Mario Asef at 4 pm


Curated by Asef-Burckhardt

Emotional shelters are essential for survival, especially in times of crisis. The SHELTER-BONE exhibition at HAUNT/Frontviews by the artist couples Asef-Burckhardt with guest artists Burger-Bugge from May 24 - June 22, 2024 brings together multi-media works around “shelter” to ask how large-scale narratives affect the most intimate. The exhibition inquires through sound and video installations, drawings, photographs, and (durational) performances: What does "shelter" mean today? How do society, nature, the body and emotional health interact with utopia-critical questions against the backdrop of global climate change and its economic and political consequences? This project shows that it is not isolationism but communal refuge that generates resilience, respect and resistance. Shelter and love are, therefore, among the most important political factors for action in the future.

The works were created during two research trips to the historic site of “The Sea Ranch” in California. Built in the 1960s, The Sea Ranch continues to set international standards for the interplay of architecture and nature – in other words, “shelter” and “environment". Many homes are made up of redwoods that have been logged to a minimum. These same houses are threatened by forest fires every year due to climate change. Nearby places, such as the town “Paradise”, were erased by wildfires in 2018.

The exhibition is composed of two structural elements: 1. the video installation “SHELTER-BONE (To Anna and Lawrence Halprin at The Sea Ranch)”, the sound installation “In Between Before and After”, and the video performance “Hand-Charcoal-Song” and 2. the archive of drawings, books, audios, and prints distributed on the walls of the gallery that are part of the artists' research and their personal archive.

The guest artists Dania Burger and Peder K. Bugge will explore the healing power of sharing and the necessity of good environment in their durational performance. They focus on how only friendship and love can make a house into a shelter.

In the end the show is about love against the backdrop of global climate change and its economic and political consequences.

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