The Enviable Isle
Leon Manoloudakis

a solo show at HAUNT Studio

opening hours
20 Jul – 24 Aug 2024
Wed – Sat 2 – 6 pm
and by personal appointment

frontviews at HAUNT
Kluckstraße 23 A Yard
D – 10785 Berlin

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This project is profoundly supported by Senate Departement for Culture and Social Cohesion. It´s also made possible with the initiative of the whole collective.

Leon Manoloudakis, untitled, 2024, graphite on paper, framed


Fri 19 Jul 6 – 9 pm

Exhibition Tours
Sat 20 Jul at 3 pm
Sat 27 Jul at 3 pm

Sat 24 Aug 5 – 8 pm

The Enviable Isle

While various media and their hybrids are expanding in our reality, it is a priori the interplay of two materials that has characterized the artistic practice of Leon Manoloudakis for years and is concretized in a growing complex of works. On the one hand, dark graphite, a crystalline structure made of natural carbon. On the other, light-colored paper, a breathing cellulose structure that binds oxygen and hydrogen as well as carbon. In classical drawing, the combination of both components can be traced back through centuries of cultural history; however, the artist steps out of this tradition by capturing graphite and paper as primary elements in their respective properties, examining them and innovatively interlocking them. Through this basic research, the usual limits of the medium are greatly exhausted and expanded.

In his current exhibition in the HAUNT's new Kabinett, Manoloudakis draws inspiration from Herman Melville's eponymous poem "The Enviable Isles" and presents a group of small works that combine different creative approaches. Melville's poem and Manoloudakis' drawings find a common level in their emphasis on transformation and process.

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